Experience, Strength & Hope: A Guest Blog Post By Christie

We all need hope! Here is Christie’s inspirational story…   Q: When were you first diagnosed with melanoma? How was it discovered? A: The melanoma was first discovered in July of 2004. I had an irregular spot on my neck that I had checked out with the dermatologist and I subsequently was diagnosed with melanoma….

Ok.  A wide excision.  Done.

Cancer Should Not Have Shades of Grey

One of the many things I hate (YES, HATE…that strong word!) about this disease, is what my doctor mentioned earlier this week… “that grey area”. NO!  I can’t hear about grey areas when it comes to diagnosing melanoma. I find it unacceptable. I’m fine with it as a literary theme of sorts, pop lit and…

tanning bed

University of Melanoma

Today, the story about the research findings regarding tanning facilities on or near U.S. college campuses, is swirling around social media outlets…as it should! The study revealed some startling facts. The researchers stated this: “The presence of indoor tanning facilities on and near college campuses may passively reinforce indoor tanning in college students, thereby facilitating behavior…


Tanning on College Campuses WCHL Interview

Listen to the 6 minute interview on WCHL and read the full article published by Chapelboro below!   From A study recently published in the journal JAMA Dermatology found that 12 percent of U.S. News’ top 125 colleges have indoor tanning facilities on campus, despite the associated risk of skin cancer – and 42 percent have indoor tanning…

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POPPY: One Year Later

A year ago, I introduced you to a new friend I had made, named Poppy.  She suffers from a behavioral addiction, specifically the addiction to tanning, as well as tanorexia (click here to read Poppy’s story).   This morning I accompanied Poppy to her every-six-months full body skin check…….except it was not 6 months from…


A Day In The Life….

The alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m… I pop up, knowing what today is….a day of melanoma life.  I mean, everyday is that, but today I have two melanoma related appointments to jack up the anxiety of living with this diagnosis- 1) My every-9-months check up with my eye tumor specialist (the doctor who performed…


Preoccupations: Porn VS Protection

I came across a story the other day, that has me thinking about how we (not me…and not most who are reading this), as a nation, seem to focus our attention on such strange things, when there are actually important issues, issues of monumental importance, that need our dedication.What am I talking about?  Why the word porn…


Sleuthing In and Around the Tanning Salon

A quick blog post about what I learned today during my sleuthing session at the tanning salon…. On the way to my hair color appointment, I had a thought (well, probably many), about popping into the tanning salon next door to my hair place.  My thought was this: I’m going to waltz in there, and straight…


Serendipity & Such

There are times in my life that feel like a colossal webbing of convergent threads which form a wildly serendipitous occurrence.  These threads vary in their origin.  Whether it be a common interest of something extracurricular, or the diagnosis of a disease…there is always an incredible piece of sparkle that I can find when this happens….

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